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Join the most affordable club on the market that’s still able to deliver you high-quality wines! Club Cheepo gives 12 premium bottles (2 of each bottle) delivered as often as you like, for LESS THAN $6/BOTTLE!

How do we do it? We source overstock from distributors across the US who sell us $15-$30 wines at a fraction of the cost, then pass 90% of that savings to you! In fact, if you find our wines online for lower than the combined cost of the box we will refund you immediately, no questions asked.

Be honest with yourself - at this price point, there’s really no downside to giving it a shot!

Shipping Information

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Delivery Instructions

Someone 21 or older must be present to accept and sign for the wine. It is the responsibility of the retailer and any delivery provider they use to verify identification and age, and to determine whether it is otherwise safe and appropriate to furnish you with alcohol. They may require a valid form of photo identification with birthdate and a signed acknowledgment confirming acceptance at the time of pick-up or delivery. If they cannot verify your age or identity, if you appear intoxicated, or if the situation is otherwise unsafe or inappropriate, they may refuse to furnish you with alcohol. Alcohol cannot be left unattended.

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  • Tasty Wine

    12 delicious mystery bottles of red, white, rosé and bubbles.

  • Affordable Price

    The club is less than $6 a bottle EVERY month, it's not just an intro promotion!

  • Delivered Every Month

    Never shop for wine again with 12 bottles delivered to your door.

all about club cheepo the best value wine club

How is your wine so cheap?!

This is our secret sauce! We work with clubs, importers, distributors, and other people in the industry to get the best wines that are on overstock to create the best cheap wine subscription and store. These are DOPE wines that just so happen to have too many bottles in stock at once so we're able to get them at a sick deal and pass the savings onto you. We're not sourcing crap white-labeled plonk and passing it off as premium wine, we are actually sourcing premium wine that can be linked back to the producer and giving it to you at a rate you won't find anywhere else!

Who is Vino Cheepo?

That's a secret I'll never tell. Just kidding, kinda! We are able to stay the best value wine club by keeping our sources hush hush. Just know, we are legit somms and wine entrepreneurs looking to get people like us the wines we really want to drink at a price that anyone can afford.

If we had a vibe, we'd say it's Jennifer Coolidge in White Lotus. 

  • Truly $65 a Month

    I was skeptical when I signed up because the price did not seem like a real wine club deal. But it is! Every month I get 12 wines for less than $6 a bottle! - Melani

  • The Best Value Wine Club By Miles

    I really like wine but didn't want to pay a lot for the bottles. Every bottle has been an absolute price performer and I look forward to it every month. - Nick

benefits of club cheepo

Club Cheepo Benefits

There are a LOT of reasons to be a part of our best value wine club, but below are some of the main perks our members benefit from:

  • Risk free subscription - no need to commit long-term as you can cancel at any time before the next shipment arrives.
  • Receive quality wine delivered right to your doorstep, eliminating the hassle of going out and shopping for it yourself.
  • Price guarantee - you find a better deal in wine club value? We will beat it!

So, what are you waiting for?! Subscribe now!